Hello! My name is Anthea Scotte, and I live in Queensland, Australia. Photography has been my main hobby and passion since the late 1970’s.

As you will see from my photographic images, macro (or close up) photography has always been my main interest, whether it be from nature, or an object (like steel wool); the closer you look, the more you find! However, I am always drawn to try and capture nature, so I have also dabbled in landscape photography.

In 2009, a friend showed me Photoshop and I was immediately taken with all the creative possibilities! Working as a photographic printer in the 1970’s was what first sparked my interest in photography as a creative outlet, so I could easily see how the same types of edits I would make in the dark room could be made using Photoshop and a computer. I quickly discovered that ‘playing’ with digital images was very satisfying and a creative boon. However, a few years later I became frustrated, feeling that there was something more I could be doing with this creative outlet, something wonderful just out of my reach.

I started searching, not wanting to do a course on Photoshop as such, but wanting something more. One day I discovered Sebastian Michael’s Photoshop Artistry course and I got so excited! This was what I had been searching for! I then joined Sebastian’s advanced courses and have found both a wonderful outlet for my crazy imaginings and a wonderful community of supportive artists.

When it comes to my digital art I wouldn’t say I have a particular style, nor do I stick to a particular genre – basically I get an image in my head and set about creating that on my computer.

You can share my Photography & Digital Art 🙂

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